DOGGONE; Canis Domesticus, 2016
Astroturf, dirt, wood, rubber dog chew toys, brushes, notebooks, milk bone dog biscuits, paint, glass, 204" x 120" x 96"

Twenty artists were invited by curator Leona Christie, to make a work in the "hand" of another artist in the exhibition. My assignment was to interpret the work of Colin C. Boyd whose large-scale projects "re-imagine natural history through folklore, phenomenological history, eccentric engineering and other affairs of daily living". This installation ponders the discovery of canis domesticus – man's best friend in its 21st century pampered, housebroken form. Here the scientific method is dusted with layers of humor as our relationship to the once fierce hunter is revealed. 

Howdy Doody Collar Works Gallery | Troy, NY | December 4, 2015 - January 30, 2016