Pinnacle, 2018
Digital print, found metal, wood, rubber objects, paint 84” x 42" x 30”d

Hitched, 2017
Acrylic paint on paper, 30” x 22”

Bound, 2018
Acrylic paint on paper, 30” x 22”

Exhibition of work made by artist fellows from the pilot of The Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency by Collar Works.
Artists: Sharon Bates, Annie Bartholomew, Rachel Baxter, Monica Bill Hughes, Brian Cirmo, Terry James Conrad, Lionel Cruet, Kathryn Bilharz Gabriel, Kyra Garrigue, Nora Griffin, Alexandra Hammond, Maddi LaValle, Fabian Lopez, Jack Magai, Ashley May, Mindy McDaniel, Gina Occhiogrosso, Kenny Rivero, Claire Sherwood, Michael Van Winkle — together with the late Elizabeth Murray (1940-2007).

Made in GRANVILLE | Collarworks Gallery | Troy, NY | August 31 - October 13, 2018