The Tower of Now, and Then, 2013
Metal work tables, blueprints, vinyl ball, wooden wastebasket, work light, found wire objects, calipers and compasses, 204" x 72" dia

Artists Michael Oatman and Kenneth Ragsdale invited more than forty artists to participate in an exhibition that commemorated the centennial of the 1913 Armory Show in New York City. The Sage Colleges had recently purchased an Armory Building adjacent to the gallery, where I scavenged objects to be used in a new piece for the show. Original blueprints, measuring devices, shop tables and other workplace materials were combined with parts from my studio to form a literal and metaphorical diagram of "the creative process". A wastebasket overflowing with twisted metal wire is unable to contain the many ideas considered and then discarded. An overturned chair rests precariously atop a giant inflated exercise ball, providing a vehicle for looking at things from every conceivable direction. Mounted drawings of the building's complex electrical systems, resemble the surging activity in a human brain engaged in thought. And at the very top, a cluster of antennae-like forms are poised to transmit new concepts out into the world.

An Armory Show Opalka Gallery | Albany, NY | August 26 - December 15, 2013